ESS System

NEXTPOWER CORP. provides the optimum solution for ESS construction through close collaboration with partners specialized in design, installation, and maintenance & repair, based on its own manpower equipped with expertise related to ESS system & electricity.
We are putting the best effort for maximizing the customer value by providing the highly-reliable system minimizing the risks based on various battery systems and PCS-connected technologies, and then guaranteeing the economical and stable operation.

Special Features of ESS System

01. Optimum technology

Equipped with every ESS engineering function and design competencies based on accumulated experiences in various areas

02. Systematic operating skills

Equipped with analysis skills of various batteries for the economical and stable operation of ESS system

03. Securement of price competitiveness

Securement of price competitiveness

04. Excellent durability

Design considering a long lifespan, increase of fan lifespan through control of fan speed, and improvement of efficiency

Introduction of Products

  • ESS inverter 50kW, 100kW, and 250kW

    • Acquisition of SGSF Certification
    • Acquisition of KC Certification

Battery Design Technology

Design procedures

  • 01

    Market & policy analysis

  • 02

    Decision of operating measures

  • 03

    Calculation of battery operation capacity

  • 04

    Analysis of life expectancy

  • 05

    Calculation of battery optimum capacity

Design procedures