Main Technologies

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Circuit design
  • Design technology of control circuit & power module considering the reduction of noise
  • Circuit & SW simulation technology
PCB design(Artwork)
  • Design technology of pattern & large-capacity PCB considering the reduction of noise
MCU, DSC, DSP, ARM circuit design & programming technology
  • TI products group, FreeScale products group, Atmel products group, Microchip products group, ST products group
  • Realization of Fixed Point Computation Technique, Communication, PWM, Capture, Flash, Timer, Interrupu, AD Sync, and other functions
Motor driver design & control technology
  • Motor parameter measurement technology, Vector Control, various control technologies
  • Development & control technologies of IM, DC, BLDC, BLAC, SPMSM, IPMSM, LPM, SETP, SRM, and many other motor driving driver
  • Circuit design of sensorless control & all sorts of rotor position sensors(hall sensor, encoder, resolver)
Photovoltaic inverter development technology
  • Development & commercialization of many small-capacity & large-capacity products
  • Accumulated experiences in domestic certification
Development technology of electric power converting device for ESS
  • Large-capacity electric power conversion & battery charge/discharge technology
Mobile charger development technology
  • Development & mass-production technology of mobile phone charger
Communication technology
  • Various wire/wireless communication technologies(RS485, RS422, CAN2.0, SPI, Zigbee, WiFi, TCP/IP)
HMI development technology
  • Realization of various Displays and Touches
All sorts of sensor design technology
  • All sorts of sensor design technologies